Ten Minute Blog Challenge

Who’s up for the Ten minute Blog challenge?

My girlfriend and I for starters! You have ten minutes to upload an image and describe something about it, then, you post. The point? To get our your thoughts, even if it is only between two people, and feel a sense of accomplishment in completing the task!

Where did we get this idea?  For one, The Happiness Project.  Two, my girlfriend and I live in two different climates, on different continents, but we still have a strong friendship and inspirational goals between the two of us. So, this is a great way to keep track of one another, as if we lived just across the hall from one another. I am going to challenge myself with a goal of posting five times a week!  Why don’t you also check out my friends’ blog, Pencil In Hand to see what she is proposing!

What we intend to write about relates to what we share as motivation between the two of us when we call and write to each other. Also check out Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project to see how her project influenced this challenge!

Ah,…12 minutes.. done!

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