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Homemade Wedding

Has it already been a month?  Yes!

My husband and I wanted the wedding day we shared to be relaxed and fun, special and intimate, and personal in our home town. We wanted to share the great things about our place with our family and friends.

Beginning with our invitations which we made at home and had printed on plantable paper. These are a few pictures of our operation invitation. Our seed paper has yet to produce any wildflowers but I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

My husband drew this map to get guests from our church to the reception at The Farm.

I just love it!

The second large project I took on with my mother. She agreed, after some bribing and begging, to make my wedding dress with me! We clocked in at just under eighty hours, with 75% of those being hers. I kept a journal every time we met to document where we began, what we did to create the pattern, buy and cut the fabric, make mock assemblies, and finally sew and resew the seams until it laid exactly right! The day of my bridal photos was meant to be our dry run. We bought the veils to top it off and mom ended up sewing a few last stitches just before the pictures began! It turned out beautifully! More to be posted on the making of the dress soon.

We ate a celebratory dinner at The Farm restaurant!

A few homemade gifts were a set of pottery bowls that had been made in Astoria, Oregon as apart of a soup bowl project.

The beautiful bowls are made by  this pottery artist who hosts his own blog about building a kiln here in Ohio.

My aunt made our huge cake, and cut the initial toppers out by hand!

Below is a picture of a spoon bracelet. I remember commenting on my cousin’s this past Christmas.  She and her family remembered and I received one as a gift. I have been wearing it most days since.

A hand painted plate of our home.

A clock! Yes, hand crafted by one of our good friends. She even cut out the tiny date of our wedding if you notice it in the bottom right corner!

The jewelry I wore was by Juleray Designs. This woman owned business is right here in St. Clairsville and if you like what you see you may email her at She custom-made the ruby earrings you may have noticed at the top of my blog. A friend of mine gave me the rubies for my birthday, and I had Juleray Designs make dangles out of them.

Here is a fuzzy shot of the ruby earrings again.

Then, what wedding is complete without a custom couple logo?

My husband and I played around a lot while designing our invitations, and though the plantable envelopes wouldn’t cooperate with my printer to don this on each one, we still ended up incorporating washed out versions of this below.

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