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Ohio Valley Veggie Eaters

St. Clairsville Farmers Market was last night. I hear that last week, a very rainy Tuesday, was the best business day ever for most of the farmers there. I guess everyone wanted to play outside with their umbrellas. It is like the phenomenon I heard about while at school in talking to a professor from Finland. At ‘first snow’, everyone goes to get a coffee to stand outside. I looked up Finland and coffee just now to find that Finns drink on average 8 cups of coffee a day! That is my kind of place.

So, in the sunny weather yesterday we didn’t have to dodge the crowds or the rivers like last week. We bought bread, were given bread by another baker, purchased more sorrell (yum!), wax beans, yellow plums, peppers and dilly beans. Then, I came home and took a picture of it all on my table.

Oh yes, blueberries too that I later spilled all over the floor…oops. But, I will still eat them anyway.

Then, dinner was served. A salad of East Wheeling Greens, purchased from Life Savers Health Food store on Market Street in downtown Wheeling, a peach, salmon cuts, pieces of torn jalapeno bread, and hot mustard on the side. Top it off with Annie’s dressing, split a Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, and catch up on a  good conversation equals a quality night!

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