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Sprinters, Splashers & Spinners… it is time!

What has two hundred, sixty-three participants, involves fitting your head in a tiny red cap, and promotes racing through Morgantown? Why it’s the 2010 Sprint Splash N’ Spin!

My good friend and I have completed ten weeks of training, as shown by my refrigerator calendar.

We averaged exercising at least three times a week, which among work and social weekends fit in with no room to spare.

After three months of training, biking countless miles around our Ohio town, running the bike trail from end to end, and finding a different pool to swim laps in, we are ready to compete.

We found four different places to swim while training.  The Wellness Center in Wheeling, The YMCA of Wheeling, Memorial Park pool if we were feeling lucky on middle school night that we wouldn’t have to dodge teenagers the entire time, and the lake at Bark Camp.  The lake allowed us to train for all three events last Saturday, August 21st. We swam, changed into our biking clothes, took off in the rain for a fifty minute ride and then concluded the day with a 20 minute run. We think training on our hills will give us an advantage for this race that is mainly over a rail trail.

There are three of us together for the weekend. Two of us competing, and the third gal, my best friend, (who just started her own blog) will be there to motivate and inspire our competition edge. She may even make a hot pink sign.

I am looking forward to writing my number in marker on my arm.  This will be my first sprint Triathlon on my own and today I have mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement. Now, it is time to go find a big salad with spinach for lunch.

I thought hanging this second place metal over my rear view mirror would give my training partner a kick. We won these metals on a triathlon team together in April and I thought it would bring us good luck or at least smiles while we are on our drive down there today.

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