The Pencil, Inspiration, and the Blogs I follow

Whenever I need to be lifted out of my world or be more aware of it, I draw. In the last few weeks I’ve found some great new blogs on drawing and I thought I’d share them and others today.

Drawing Inspiration:

Visual Basic

a doodle a day


A great Fashion Blog:

Kendi Everyday

Friend & Creative Blogs:

Pencil In Hand

Travel Sized Living

Silver Fox Pottery and Art

Quiet World Creative

Health Blogs:

Eat Live Run

Healthy Tipping Point

Then, I read an article that pertains to architects designing with a computer mouse, versus the very natural and creative design that comes when you put your hand to paper.

The Washington Post article Computers are great for tools for architects, but don’t let CAD go wild by Roger K. Lewis.  PDF link: computertoolscadgowild

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