My First Taste of Europe

My First Taste of Europe

It sounded wonderful
to travel to border cities

upon lakes or rivers

and waste a day of it.

Gravel swirled on faint stone paths
in the trees of a park
when I followed the laughter
to watch people dance.

The ducks of Lucerne
went swimming for lunch.

I knew of some things after I left
like the mountains
when the clouds lifted.
The wine was delicious
gracie, thank you
sitting next to someone new
trying to speak to them

I woke up to a fine conversation
Irish coffee and drink
off dark waters of a distant lake
very black, pouring open

myself, I began to understand

with speechless words

words of wisdom and comfort
standing for something
but jumping off from all

The sun rose around me
bringing houses and streets

old men walking

closer to my new world
I noticed the presence
of days and weeks and nights
that had never been there before

that allowed the existence of

something new to come to

something old that began to describe me.

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