One Year Later we Spoke of Lisbon

One Year Later we Spoke of Lisbon

Among the small corners

in tops of a city Portugal

sitting in the shade of a tired castle

the layering facades of streets

having people all between.


These colors, nice from the sky

darkest green, all shades of brown land

rolling white paths around them

red roof urban collages

the busy amount of people

an organized pattern of buildings.


Music invites a look through

to the band playing, hidden in the back

people dancing on low roofs, hiding in terraces.


Pockets of churchyard men

their old-age game of cards,

people behind their dark slit shutters

more people waiting in shops

leading near the ocean.


I tell you I am

unfamiliar but attached to this

degree of separation

where the city is like the sea

a background resonating

and when traveling, a comfort of consistency

to release missing

and find instead the fair sounds of hope.

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