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What I’ve read lately

Research Driven Work : In Architect Magazine, Toshiko Mori,

Poetry, & Seeds of Deception

Too busy to think? It’s so easy to get in the groove, but so hard to get out of a rut.

I want my architecture to be smarter. I want to be an architect to come to with the best answers and a well thought out practice.

In an effort to live life to the fullest and have my everyday perceptions inform my work, a friend and I from architecture school are collaborating to do just that. The first thing we need is devoted time to thinking and a goal. So… stay tuned.

This article by Mimi Zeiger highlight’s a womans efforts to evolve research driven work in her own practices. Toshiko Mori is between many  practices including her own NY firm, Toshiko Mori Architect, teaching at the Harvard Graduate School, and her latest think tank, VisionArc. Isn’t she pretty?

VisionArc is a consultancy run in tandem with Toshiko Mori Architect, the practice founded by Toshiko Mori (pictured) in 1981. Mori also teaches at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and chairs the World Economic Forums Global Agenda Council on Design.

“Architects see spaces in plan, elevation, and section; we have a way of analyzing problems in a three- or four-dimensional way. We can slice through an issue that may not connect in plan,” Mori says.               I suggest reading the whole article here.



Depending on the Wind by  James Galvin


Coloring Book
by Connie Wanek
Each picture is heartbreakingly banal,
a kitten and a ball of yarn,
a dog and bone.
The paper is cheap, easily torn.
A coloring book’s authority is derived
from its heavy black lines
as unalterable as the ten commandments
within which minor decisions are possible:
the dog black and white,
the kitten gray.
Under the picture we find a few words,
a title, perhaps a narrative,
a psalm or sermon.
But nowhere do we come upon
a blank page where we might justify
the careless way we scribbled
when we were tired and sad
and could bear no more.

Connie Wanek


Also, currently reading for the Environmental Book Club at the Schrader Center of Oglebay every third Thursday of the month: Seeds of Deception by Jeffry Smith

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