Swim in an Outside Room

I watch the city as it leaves over my shoulder

and I watch the moon and star follow

one another, the star circles the cusp of the moon.


Churches are resurrected off glossy faces in the mountains

I swim in an outside room, the small rooms grab you

I am in the vast mountains

floating myself in a pond to take leave

floating back to a rock sky

disturbances are counted in the number laps

back and forth, reaching my toes

like children throw pebbles into a brook

the ripples we have made eventually fade.


One wine with my dinner

I set my table alone

then drive around the mountains again

down a dark road in the evening.


There are such towns of people

where codes, law and peace

all abide between yellow houses

and gold hills

Their minds have sought and their children discovered.

I touch dusk just after it is black

and make a drawing to suffice myself.

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