Menaggio to Padova Italia

Day 12 and 13 of our Honeymoon, 2010

One year ago we were traipsing around Padova Italy.

Coming to Padova

Cracked streets broken by white trash graffiti

Galileo’s university left in disrepair

To the edges of Padova, Italia.

The city, a third left, a third under construction

The last third in beautiful architecture

Stone faces stare into mine

Stone churches, upkept ruins

Moonlit river under the walls of old barriers

The old city interior is filled with marble

Pillars, monuments and people walking around

To stare in the glass stores

We stayed at Alla Fiera to come home to breakfast in the garden

Padova, Day Two

We walk around the botanical gardens

We are in academia, the buildings forsaken many years ago

To the study of life, and not the upkeep of it.

Through the quiet arched courtyard, near the

Scrovegni Chapel there are many carvings in stone

People and words, people and

Old worlds revealed in what was used to keep track of history

The old wooden seats of the chapel are thick and crumbling

Blocked off to us

Giotto studied happiness in the painted faces of his angles

And anguish in the uncontrollable face of sadness and agony

Tears run down these cheeks in gold threads

Outside of St. Anthony’s Cathedral

Women sell scarves to cover shoulders

The sky is brilliant blue

And we step into the cool stone church

Where groups of old women walk in dark corridors

Blessing themselves, chatting in low unison voices

Like a chanted script

Look at Scrovegni ChapelThe Basilica of St. Anthony, and Alla Fiera Hotel.

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