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Columbus Half Results

The Results:

I completed the race in under two hours! 1:55:00

My husband in 1:37:06

My brother just 28 seconds behind him at 1:37:34

My friend, who pushed me to keep up with her until mile 10, when she took off and crossed the finish line at 1:51:55

My Mom has been training for twice as long as I have. She was walking 7 mile days when I was only running 3. She finished in under three hours! At: 2:57:15

My Aunt, who hosted us in her downtown office building so early in the morning, so we could keep warm, came in at her personal best of 2:21:25!

A great Local runner from nearby Martins Ferry completed the 1/2 just 10 minutes faster than my husband. That’s something to feel good about!  Martins Ferry OH  1:27:06

The Columbus Marathon website broke down everyone’s race in some unique ways.

Pretty neat. When I receive a few more pictures I will include them!

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