Drumming Beat of the Third Line

Drumming Beat of the Third Line

The drumming beat of the third line

stubbed out

what the silence must mean

if hours before I was to blame.


Did you remember to make the appointment for the cat?

No, more silence.


Silence that slumbers into deep pillows

drowning out the day

the inconsistent ticking

the kitchen clock

what silence must mean to a person

with closed eyelids

who does not sleep.

One reply on “Drumming Beat of the Third Line”

I love the realistic feeling that comes from this poem.
Your writing style…it’s really relatable.
Insomnia described in such fine detail. I don’t know if that’s what you wrote it based upon, but I like it. It’s open to interpretation. That’s something my own writing will never quite have. I hint too much.
I love realism. Following for more. 🙂

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