Most Challenging Half Marathon?

Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic

I have run this race as a 20K, and last year as a half marathon. Recently, I wanted to find out how this race compares to other tough races. I mean, look at the grade! But what else constitutes a tough race? The running conditions in West Virginia in May are near perfect, and there are enough volunteers along the race course to cheer you on while providing something to take care of your thirst.

I found Dennis Dilbert’s interview on where he states

Which are the most famous or popular local races?

I would have to say the most popular races would be The Parkersburg Half Marathon and the Ogden Half Marathon in Wheeling for the longer races.

The Ogden used to be known as the Elby’s Big Boy 20k Classic. It was a mainstay for runners like Bill Rodgers and Jon Sinclair back in the 1980’s. Recently we have had the emergence of the Debbie Green Memorial 5k run in downtown Wheeling.

The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia has a plethora of great small town local races. Most of the runners and walkers know each other, which makes for a great social environment.

What’s the one race a visitor should run?

My call on races that would be a must would be the Ogden Half Marathon. Back when it was the 20k, it was hyped as the toughest 20k anywhere by running legend Bill Rodgers. This course shows off our hilly terrain and sometimes strikes fear into even the most seasoned runner.

So, I had to find out more about Bill Rodgers! Then, I found an article about Mark Simala, photographed beside Bill Rodgers, that talks about the Ogden 20k being the toughest road race in America. But who is saying this? What poll? Well, Bill Rodgers has quite the track record via Wiki, so I’ll take his word for it, for now.

I’ll keep looking. In the mean time, check out the Ogden race course, and begin running 1 mile stretches this week to begin training for it!

Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic Race Course

About.Com’s West Virginia Half Marathons

Ohio Valley’s Runners and Walkers Club

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