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Cosmopolitan Architecture in the Desert



The Show – Vegas 2012


The water and a glass-lined desert protect me

from the harsh fade of heat.


The flashing heat mirrors across faces

the commercial drum beat strums

hot skin and thumping hearts

pounding out a healthy tune.


People come to Vegas to be someone else

step into studded slippers, swing through crystal curtains at The Cosmopolitan

oval ceiling float over black jack tables

gold tassels pull back an open dangling atrium.

You may swim from between the glistening towers at the Monte Carlo, and come into a world built for enjoyment, an open show of ‘life’ on the streets, just as real as

diamonds floating in the desert.


Photos from the blog of Christine Astorino via The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
Design Team via Wiki: The Cosmopolitan’s design team is led by Friedmutter Group as executive architect, with Arquitectonica as the design architect for the building’s themed exterior. The building is engineered by DeSimone Consulting Engineers. The Interior design team includes the Friedmutter Group, The Rockwell Group, Jeffrey Beers, Adam Tihany, and Bentel & Bentel.

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