Poetry Travel

North Rim of the GC 2012

  First, a few last shots of Bryce National Park showing the sand canyons we walked through.

 {An observation at first glance of the Grand Canyon from the North Rim.}


Over the Grand Canyon


Are you wondering above the smog

over the canyon

the bright sky that hugs

low humid afternoons

about the sound of a gunshot

wound tumbling, echoing off

ancient carvings, rocks that fall.


The coveted beauty turned

a shoulder to our societies’

ignored warning

the warmest summer on record

for America cried

the glistening drops of honeysuckle

blooming a month too early.


A shadow glow of misty morning dew

rising foot in front of foot step wide

paths with wind sounds river melodic

like living next to an ocean, but here

in the desert the shifting of low wheat tassels

blow together, wind making an offering

to the hot hot sun.



Down Kaibab on the North Rim


A rock fell, but we didn’t see the sound

Of gunshots rumbling, echoing off ancient carvings


The same source happened by helicopter

The twirling blades chopping louder and louder

And finally we saw, miles away, a small white bubble.








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