Poetry Travel

Laughlin, NV ~ A community-sized Vegas


We wanted to stay along the Colorado River, so we followed the interstate from Las Vegas, south,

toward Bullhead City and found a river casino town to play and stay for the night.


From Laughlin to Oatman at the start of Rt 66


The sun just waking up

The shallow glow of misty morning dew was rising in

leopard print hills just out in the Mohave Desert

we have a breakfast of tacos held over from last night’s dinner.

A Mexican restaurant then,

the beer in the pump room of the Colorado Belle was good

among the creaking pipes and bustling waiters,

most people were watching sports or gambling.


Old towns keep their western traditions against change

have shoot-outs at high noon each day,

cracked pots in the gallery.


Hot means 120 degrees, but in June it’s only reaching 105.


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