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Where would the Bike Trail go?

The St. Clairsville rail trail is a valuable asset to all healthy, outdoor-type people living in this town. This historic rail turned trail runs north to south paralleling Route 9 through the center of town. You may access the trail from the north and south ends, near the North Market ball fields or south of I-70 at the Reservoir Rd. intersection. There are a few places to access the trail midway, the gazebo area being the most picturesque.

St. Clairsville Ohio Bike Trail

I have run and biked the trail with my husband many times. His sense of adventure lead us to explore the land remnants of where the rail had continued northward. Through an old apple orchard, and into a well-mown strip backed against private properties, we followed the land that was still cut for the rail. Having gone as far as we could on foot, we decided to explore by bike.

Phil found a bike ride that would lead us beneath two of the rail’s bridges. The old railway tracks crossed over Jug Run Road in two places. Jug Run is only a couple of miles past the cemetery if you’re headed north on Route 9. We followed this road, alongside the historic route and stopped to photograph the old structures.



These are the foundations for what could be a walkable pathway. There is an existing bridge along the rail trail as it crosses above Route 9, and it was done beautifully. I suggest seeking it from below as well as above.

We rode on, northward to Maynard and passed below an even larger structure spanning the creek just before town. As you come into Maynard the pastoral view boasts a farm-house across a field, the sun setting in your face, waving grasses and a rocky road beneath your bike.


The best part of the ride though is… that it’s flat?!

{I must give a full disclosure here: if you begin at Jug Run , it’s flat. If you leave from there and head southbound to reach St. Clairsville’s courthouse, you’ve got an Ohio hill to climb.}


Know of any other unique bike rides in St. Clairsville? Though new to my bike, this mode of transportation has opened up an entire new way of experiencing my small town. I’d love to hear of more!

One reply on “Where would the Bike Trail go?”

nice post kellie! although its not as cool, one time i drove up jug run out of curiousity- it would make a nice bike ride…

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