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Blarney Castle


Trinity College Dublin

.Pavilon Adare, by Phil

.Blarney Castle

.Blarney Castle Ireland 2012

Blarney Castle


Simply structured pavilions

garden sheds to cover and

hide the foot path

walking into the grounds

a huge fortress in the horizon.


Stone ledges left empty

holding imaginary floors

circular stair turrets

in the corner towers

a castle rising from

natural rock foundations.


Beside this, a poison garden

succulents growing in the mortar beds

empty rose cages for the season

wood, iron, fences, houses

taking on the green luster

moss and mold over an island.


Ancient trees

Sequoia’s arms full of ferns

a museum in the meadow

thick rooted beings

sharing a manicured, vibrant lime lawn

pillars of families and

unlike siblings below

a misty moving sky.


Blarney by Phil


Entry to Druid Forest


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