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Architecture Layering

A few buildings and spaces that have caught my attention lately have had one thing in common -an integration of planes and material, held off or touching one another, laced over or glossed expressing a mirrored place, unraveling as one walks through a place. The architecture is cognoscente of being touched and lived-in and I am fascinated by it! Enjoy~

Navy Federal Credit Union – Rheinzink


Ceramiche Supergres has won the prestigious ECOHITECH 2009 AWARD in the “Hi-tech eco-virtuous products” category for its latest innovative porcelain stoneware collection, A.I.R. (Architecture in Respect), manufactured using a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material (CRT glass) derived from the recovery of the cathode ray tubes of obsolete TV sets and PC monitors.    – Ceramic Industries


Liberty Tiles post industrial recycled content glass tiles that look like sun streaked stain glass through a cathedral window on a sunny day. – Jetson Green

Step Up on 5th in Santa Monica, CA by Pugh & Scarpa

These screens not only play with color, but they dapple light to amuse the passerby and serve as an exterior screen, a passive house strategy, that blocks the sunlight from a window on the exterior side of the glazing. -Architecture Record


Pugh + Scarpa have been on my favorite architect list since I was introduced to their work surrounding the rebuilding of New Orleans. Their Make-It-Right duplex has the true lines of a house that I appreciate. Their houses look like houses, and when they need to rise above the ground they do so with a barely noticeable way of growing.

yankodesign _inspired_interiors 26-May2010-living-TedYarwood 59395_0_4-4049-contemporary-kitchen 392037-Lepere_Looping a closet transformed into a book nook anthropologie_ruffles_skirt_thumb apartment therapy Bahia Palace Heritage sequin trim cowlneck - Winter beige blackliving blog carolyn espley-miller-slimpaley coke bottle chandelier colorboard Corrugated_plathouse davidkaihoi3 davidkaihoi decorpad DonnaKaran__121 eckerman-studios eldorado9 elena mar ricami ellenoneil Ellipse-Sky-Keiko-Manabu-4 Ellipse-Sky-Keiko-Manabu-6 Ellipse-Sky-Keiko-Manabu-7 Ellipse-Sky-Keiko-Manabu-10 emdeeinternational3 glamourai_NuevoEstilo_6 glamourai_TheCoveteur3 Windsor Smith Residence, Los Angeles, CA honeycombshelves INTERIORKITCHEN jeanmichael othoneil leucos ether malcolmjames menossi37 mir officeForDesignArchitecture2 petrucci_clgdetail smith-2-0909-xl timelessTilePittsb TSPJoe-Frances-2011IMG_9195 veltman3

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