Syracuse, NY


IMG_3981Sitting outside of Kitty Hoynes enjoying the architecture of Armory Square.

~IMG_3992Syracuse University Campus


Vacation began on a July Thursday. We headed east from Ohio, crossed West Virginia, went north through Pennsylvania and found ourselves in New York by noon. Four states in a morning. Luckily for us we found an impromptu farmers market table set up at a rest stop off of the turnpike. Fresh blueberries and cherries paired well with a store-bough pizza. We stopped for the night in Syracuse NY and noticed a heavy Irish influence in the food and brew options. In Armory Square many older adults were enjoying the shops, sights and sounds of a weekend to come. The Blue Tusk offered sidewalk seating outside of their interesting building with phone booth nooks and crannies.

I visited with two ladies involved with Syracuse’s Architecture department about what Syracuse University is doing to actively improve the connectivity of the town to design. They introduced me to the work of Architect Rasem Kamal. I was also able to read the department’s Graduate Level publication called ‘Graduate Sessions.’ The print highlights a famous architect in an interview session that is documented and distributed in an effort to partake in a different perspective from these well-known practitioners. Bravo on the Preston Scott Cohen and Aureli + Tattara Dogma publications!

From here my husband and I headed further north, and into New England.

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