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Narcisi Winery & Finding Family


I was happily surprised to discover that the family of Narcisi Winery has roots that come from the same town my great-grandparents were from!

~ Giulianova in the Abruzzo area of Italy ~


I attended a wedding shower here this past spring. The winery resides in a lovely setting in Gibsonia PA, just north of Pittsburgh. Learning about where the Narcisi family was from is a coincidence because my family will be traveling to Italy next year to find our relatives. The task is taking longer than I anticipated. Our family name must have been changed from Campetti to Competti at some point. My great grandmother’s family name was Stellarini. I’ve contacted the Registration Office, or the ‘Ufficio Anagrafe” of Giulianova to try to find records of my grandparent’s siblings. My idea is that I can trace down lineage to find someone we can visit today! If anyone else has any ideas to offer I’d love to hear them!

~ The lovely seaside community of Giulianova ~



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