Community Food & Exercise

Go for the Gourd




The East Wheeling Wednesday Farmers Market is trying to get ‘The Word out On The Street!’ Word on the street was the theme a few months ago. This week, below, colorful banners flew across the road signaling passersby to stop. The event challenged attendees to ‘Bitter Sweet Tie Dye’ their clothes. The corner is a creative force in the neighborhood that brings children and adults together.

Black Swan Organics is the driving force behind the stand. A few years ago, when Danny Swan began farming the green areas in the neighborhood in need of care, the area began to flourish. He’s determined to bring affordable, healthy food to those people who have no other place to turn for groceries within a close walking distance beyond the corner convenient store.

These weeks before Halloween the stand is flourishing with pumpkins, dried corn sprays, and gourds of all sizes. The orange explosion is hard to pass by. I encourage you to visit the stand every Wednesday that you can from noon to 7!



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