First Time Marathoner


Where have I been? I’ve been running!

And this Sunday I’ll be at the starting line of the Detroit Free Press Marathon.

For the past 22 weeks I’ve been getting out of bed early five days a week, have slowly added and subtracted miles to reach a 20-mile training run, have run with my husband, friends, family and some great Sues. I couldn’t be more excited to run my first 26.2 miles.

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This will be a finale to a very busy 2014. After moving, changing jobs, buying a new house, taking a trip to Italy where we met family, and working out hard, it’s time to enjoy. ‘Enjoy every step’ a running friend told me, and I really will. The race starts in the United States, and then we run up one of the only hills over the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor Canada. To get back into the U.S. we run through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel under the Detroit River. I’ll be running along side of my husband, my brother and my Mom. Dad will be cheering us all along. Race Course Map Here.

Marathon Course Map MASTER** 2014


Looking forward to sharing personal pictures of the race and my very own metal!


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