Writing as an Architect

In the last year I’ve tried to find articles that both pique my interest in architecture and writing. I’ve found two great publications: Log and  Clog.




In an article in CLOG : Unpublished, one contributor describes writing about ‘what will sell.’ Mentioned in this lament is the desire to write about Revit, but the question of whether or not this is a marketable subject remains unresolved. This is just one of the relevant subjects architects face today as we produce to societies expectations and maintain the level of creativity our profession allows.


Additional online sources for Architects to have a voice:

medium copy



How Writing Can Make Architects Relevant


Cathleen McGuire’s advice on how to publish architecture from CLOG:

‘Compelling information about the source of inspiration and the program, succinct and well-written, really helps because we want to understand relatively quickly when we have a lot to consider.’

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