Morgantown, West Virginia is hosting it’s first Marathon! View the site here. The course, which promised to include all of the neighborhoods of Morgantown before being published in March, is certainly not to be taken lightly. With over 1600 feet in elevation gain, the language of the site warns the competitive person against trying to achieve a personal record. It’s close to home for many seasoned and new runners in the area. Begin training from Mile 1 as late as May and still have time to participate in the Half Marathon. Other races that weekend include the Mountain Mama 8k and the Inaugural Mile. My husband and I look forward to being a part of the inaugural Half Marathon race September 20th!

morgantown marathon

2 thoughts on “Morgantown Marathon

  1. Morgantown elevation closer to 9000, not 16000 which is elevation near Coopers Rock. Or is the race going to be up there?

  2. The race course for the half and marathon are centered around downtown. If we were headed up to Coopers Rock the elevation gain would be so much greater!!

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