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Simplify Life

Get rid of stuff. Let the thoughts go. It’s time for spring cleaning.

I began writing this last December:

As my husband and I fill up the car for the third time this season we pack the freshly baked bread and the wrapping papered gifts (with bows that fall off into the snow) into the backseat. We ask each other one question. Is this right?  ‘Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.’

George Monbiot’s article published in December of 2010 The Gift of Death,  here, published just before Christmas that year received a lot of attention from me and my sustainable friends.

Just after Christmas this year as I was combing the house for things to purge my husband pointed out that my reaction to the end of the season every year is the same -get rid of stuff! It’s easier said than done. Accumulating everything is easier than getting rid of anything. Cleaning is my way of keeping calm and maintaining the sense that I have control over my household things. I can clear my mind while cleaning my physical environment. I’m always looking for ways of an improved lifestyle, and the less is more mentality has always served me. As I ask myself about an optimum work/life balance this spring I start with this lesson number 1: Simplify Life, Get rid of Stuff.
I’ve started meditating lately. Deepak has teamed with Oprah to offer free 21-day meditations throughout the year and this series has focused on true success. From allowing life to lead with it’s own rhythm to reflection on personal balance, the time I’ve invested to practice with Deepak’s centering thoughts has proven to be rewarding.
Man has always had the reaction ‘I want it all.’ Life is too hectic to believe we should continue down this path. Stick with me over the next few days as I explore a journey to discover my own work/life balance.

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