To Giulianova, Italia

Finding family took two years of research and two days in Giulianova Italy

From Roma to Giulianova

We were leaving Rome. We walked to the Termini and took a subway to Tibertina. We’re loaded down with bags and as the train pulls up we realize it’s packed. So we push into different carriages and my backpack gets stuck in the closing doors. Needless to say my Dad was still behind me, and the train left him there in hopes that we’d be able to get back together when we were to get off. Thankfully he is on the next one and from this station we need to figure out the bus schedule.

Up on a piazza, below a raised road and over another is a building adjacent to a large lot. The busses. We buy tickets for Giulianova, grab a bite and are in a coffee shop confused as to where the bus will show up not a minute too soon for the sea. It feels like we’ve got it. It feels like we are one place in a million and this bus will take us to where our family is from.


Giulianova Beach

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