Marriott Progress – Morgantown WV


The Morgantown WV Marriott is taking shape. Not only is this site unique – above the Monongahela River, across from WVU’s iconic coliseum, and nearby to the new WVU/ West Virginia’s Black Bears baseball stadium, but the way this project started construction is also exceptional.

The project broke ground in January, five months before it was issued for 100% Construction Document completion. Which meant for the architect (Mills Group) and the general contractor, (Waller Corporation) we were reviewing construction details and fabrication drawings before we finalized the design. To say the least there were a lot of moving parts and I had to be very organized! The players that make up the design team are structural engineers, mechanical, plumbing, electrical engineers, landscape architects, civil engineers, our owners, Marriott team collaborators, and more. For this project we are using Oldcastle bathroom PODS, prefabricated bathrooms, which will be delivered by crane later this fall and rolled into place within the building.

2015-06-05 11.59.26

It’s June and the first level of masonry has gone up, the steel has been erected and in the last week the first level floor planks were installed by an over-sized crane. Photos are by the Waller Corporation team, who has the best seat in the house. The job trailer resides about 30′ above the hotel ground floor on the adjacent lot and a quick view out the window provides an assurance of the job progress.

After 100% Construction Documents are issued the architect goes into what’s called Construction Administration, or CA. We attend bi-weekly meetings with construction sub-contractors, we coordinate collaboration with the owner, check shop drawings, and continue to assist in equipment and furnishing details.

We contracted the FFE team American Hotels for this Marriott hotel, and their team has been working to price the new Courtyard by Marriott decor for our project. The new Decor Package rolled out in January and our hotel will be one of the first to show off the new look.

marriott progress

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