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Humphreys Peak, Arizona

Humphries View 

Climbing Humphreys


We walked a grass meadow to the forest edge

the lime green new growth of the pine

spread and opened a mile in to expose a hill of rock

too great for human hands

The easy slow switch backs lead through Aspen

tall white trunks rise from the fern forest floor.

We stumble over large rocks and exposed roots

the first two miles, getting acclimated to 11,000 ft

and then the knee lifts begin, slow scrambling past

false peaks to make it on top of an ancient volcano.


There is a constant buzz at 12,633 feet, a live hive

hungry flies we see

south mountains draped in pines

a soft carpet of Aspen lies in the valley crooks below

The 360 degree view affords us the view of the North Rim and Walnut Canyon by just turning

a simple circle.


The next day we watched Humphreys in the rear view mirror

Onward to see the Grand Canyon South rim as

soft sandaled tourists.

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