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The Annunciation of Mary – Florence


Italy is the place I always go back to. While my husband explains, and I realize, that there is an entire other world out there, there is something about the Mediterranean climate and the exuberant expressions in the way Italians do everything from eat to talk that I want to keep coming back to. Of course, my family is from there too. While I committed to learning the language with my mother a few years ago, since moving to Morgantown I have not had the same opportunity to continue on with Italian language classes. I am hopeful that my opportunity at Fairmont State University will expand to include travel abroad, and perhaps sitting in a classroom with an Italian professor again. But, for now, a few more photos from our trip April of 2014.

The Santissima Annunziata Chiesa di Firenze, the most decadent and bronzed church I’ve ever been to.

IMG_7227 IMG_7230

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