Think Tank Talk

Do you want to be hired as a Think Tank? Hired to Inspire, hired to think about the whole and interconnected world we live and work in?

Architects have varied positions in this world. While some build shelters for the wealthy, others build for world disaster victims. These are a few Think Tank focused firms that have caught my attention lately.


OMA’s Research counterpart, AMO put together a video on a world using 100% Renewable Energy .


VisionArc is a consultancy run in tandem with Toshiko Mori Architect, the practice founded by Toshiko Mori (pictured) in 1981. Mori also teaches at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and chairs the World Economic Forums Global Agenda Council on Design. – Architect Magazine


Fast Co writes about why Firms aren’t so great at Sustainability

This is no secret at the management level of top companies. So why is it that even the best American brands, so clever, innovative, and adaptive in all other aspects of business, aren’t able to come up with smart solutions to the resource problem that the culture of consumption has created? The answer is counterintuitive: Our experience tells us that it is exactly because American companies are so amazingly innovative, entrepreneurial, and intensely competitive that they can’t find ways to deal with the global challenges. Finding sustainable solutions isn’t about discovering new, ever-more disruptive ideas. It requires the opposite, something very un-American: standardization, slowness, and centralization. To most, more ideas are always better. But in this case, the more green solutions we have, the less effective and efficient processes become.

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The Why Factory,

A think tank headed by MVRDV’s Winy Maas questions a multitude of things to be explored!