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Marathon Fuel

That is, my 1st Marathon ever and I am quite excited!

Though my first marathon won’t be until this October I am going to prepare this spring by running up to the 18 mile marker. My brother suggested the schedule below: Hal Higdon Training Program: Novice 1 for beginner marathoners . I’ve begun to follow the regimine but was glad that the first week I could actually run 6 miles on a Saturday. For the real race I plan to begin training a few weeks ahead of this schedule.


With a few tweaks suggested by a friend massage therapist, the program will change to rest more during weeks of long runs. As for my running diet I’ve never had a problem consuming carbohydrates. I found these articles online that focus on different high-glycemic carbohydrates:  Running Competitor and Active.

The next item on my running list-of-things-to-do is to find running partners! I’ve just moved to Morgantown and a friend of mine runs with a group on the weekends. I look forward to joining them soon and hope to find a partner who won’t mind running the 18-miler with me!