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Bubble of a Hidden Brook


Gap of Dunloe

Bubble of a Hidden Brook


Streams have erased the surface

exposing the rocks below

the land of waterfalls where the

whole lake drains to one rock hole

a focused sense of darkness, streams running

falling, curling, hiding

in the hollows of dark

spaces between rocks

on rocks with a solid blanket

covering of earth above.

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The Blarney House

Blarney House Ireland

The Blarney House


Yews cut in square planes

yellow thread chamaecyparis

a Barrigan house of architecture

at the Blarney house

concealing gardens

before a snack in the warm stable

sitting at a low teachers desk

for lunch

four of us shared soup

and bread with the birds

before walking into the Druid forest

a deep green and magical place of color.


Druid Forest in Ireland

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Ireland Culture

Blarney Castle

The Calmness of an Unhurried Culture Remains


Let’s fill our castles full

of trinkets, deep wool scarves

feather beds and niceties.

The next generation will

split the wealth among farmers.

The earnings of a final generation

the overgrowing ivy

an abandoned mansion

managing a gnarly tree in

the drawing room.