Learning the program is almost as difficult as the following title.



The wrench has not a parallel side.

Our tools are changing.


Riveting, reviting, revealing,

Collapse the ribbon panel.


There are option bars full of properties.

Where one once played with the heaviness of a pencil,

My cursor chooses buttons,

Pressing project browsing for ideas.


There is a parameter of bounding edges,

Tip-toeing the thin line between getting it in and

getting it right.

The palate, please, an application for the tongue

-the menu taste, something to fight this hunger

to finish.


Could a structural model link to my center?

Allow just something to let me stand where

Navigation leads into crisscrossed streets?


Statues, these, drawn with everything in plan

but referenced where?


Lost on a layer, in an object

Gone to modify, those deep wells,

A spring of unknown dimensions.


And, someday you will swim,

Break the surface of a mountain reflection.


Tip, clip, clasp, and snap.

Pin walls to their places.

Hold roofs where they are associated

Or losing the foundation,

When the earth shakes and

Work is left in clouds.


What a constraint

To the opening and closing of a mind.

Standing soldiers are pushed off the ledge,

The world now thinks in a computer.

The instances are fleeting in our visual world,

Virtually useless.