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Hiking in Sedona, AZ 2012

Sedona AZ

Open Sedona

Sun iron details

around gated entrances

open Sedona.


A tall ponderosa Pin forest

along the drive of oak creek canyon falls

music beats through the intimate canyon river


From where we lodged we walked

around bell rock and the courthouse

with long shadows stepping on

hollow rock sounds

around the vortex.


The agave blooms life size

lily pad blossoms

held skyward and toward

the simple and very significant structure

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

we see from a climb up

Cathedral Rock.


Psychedelic colors of the desert blend

between sky blue, white purple, green

red-pink and lean down to the

Verde Valley, lush tees around Oak Creek

where small black birds open up a bright white

wing span.


Sedona AZ