Vacations of the Past – St. George Utah

In honor of our upcoming vacation I will be posting pictures of past vacations for the next few weeks. This year we’re headed to Canada for a taste of Europe close to home.

I had a renewed appreciation for water and lush landscape once I returned from the desert back to Ohio. The photos here are outside of St. George, Utah.

A summer evening in St. George, Utah

Phil and I especially enjoyed speaking to Sheri at the Split Rock Gallery who introduced us to beautiful art, high end architecture and Snow Canyon.

 {Snow Canyon}


American Earth Rim


Leopard print hills are just

out in the Mohave desert

south and east of Las Vegas.


To the north of The Rim

sits St. George among steeples

of church and mountain.


Many times a year eighteen 

galleries open to the night 

to be closed by curfew.


Architects build on black lava rock

just beneath the peaking faces

of snow canyon

the quilted hills

diminish a climbing figure and crawl

slowly back into a covered earth.


Just miles away from the spotted hills

stained south of The Rim.