…and from the Young We are Inspired!

I had the opportunity to discover Architecture again from the eyes of a young man. He recently turned 14 and knows how he wants to spend his higher education.  Having met him once to talk over coffee and cappuccino I knew his developed interest in the heavy and detailed parts of architecture as it related to Roman architecture.  At that meeting, with my fiance’s help we laid out work of our own and presented the wonderful world of drawing as it is imperative to creativity, architecture and landscape architecture. Next, the boy wanted to come into my firm and see working as an architect first hand.

I had prepared to go through a set of drawings in-office of a project that had been completed within the last year, show renderings and initial sketches of schemes so that we may compare what was proposed to what was built. I showed him CAD and Sketchup, commanding the computer to draw rectangles and doors, and pop out windows in planes of three-dimensional models.  We traveled and photographed a site in which we are proposing a new building fit in with the existing architecture. We visited Elmhurst the project drawings we had reviewed earlier. After touring the old mansion and the addition we took some time out in the sun to draw. We drew for about half of an hour and he proclaimed that he hadn’t realized how long it took to draw.

We talked about Starchitects and I went home to search through my europe photos to send to him a few of the Names-to-Know in architecture. I thought I would share here some of those photos after realizing how many different architects contributed to my development and awe in becoming apart of this profession.


How to keep on drawing: My fiance and I spend Art Saturdays together in an attempt to find, learn and draw together, and to work through our thoughts on design. It’s also a way to spend quality time with one another, or to include something else I’ve recently learned about, it is one of our Love Languages.   I’ve also enjoyed my good friends charcoal sketches I’ve found in her blog Pencil In Hand.

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Dear Kellie,
I am hoping to get in touch with you about your photo of La Tourette posted on the blog. Please email me at the address linked to this comment.

Jenny H.

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