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Girl Friend Motivated Inspiration !?

Last night I opened up the latest House Beautiful to find a great young designer, Melissa Warner of Massucco Warner Miller , and her brilliant california apartment.


This ceramic garden stool she used in her living room looks like something I could break a piece off of and wear as a broach.

It is from of San Francisco.

 Then, I learned she is 30 and owns her own Interior Design and Decoration studio with her two best friends! Melissa describes in the magazine article how she enjoys choosing pieces for a room –FIRST,  the mirrored banquet, the high back chair with three-dimensional welting, the vintage sofa, the metal coffee table, the tulip lamps for the bedroom…  There are unlimited colors of paint, so why begin there? I enjoyed her inventiveness, her glass-topped tables and more. I suggest you check out the magazine.

And, while searching for the article online I stumbled upon two Boston best friends who host a site between themselves called Bellevue and Rose… oh girlfriends!

And, speaking of girlfriends I’ve had so many friends lately bring me up. First, I received a wonderful painting from my dear friend in Texas. She collaborated with her just-turned-two-year-old boy.

Can you see it up there on the wall by my desk?

My great friend in Chile has been painting and giving me mid-morning advice on my way to work about life, love, and bicycling. She told me that last Friday it was sprinkling in Santiago and she wandered around her city in the crisp evening rain. Wish I could be there too!

Finally, my best friend and her husband are moving close to me and my fiance! I am helping her to find a job so we can enjoy being healthy and active in an Ohio summer!

So, in honor of girlfriends and being forever inspired by them I wore a red floral print skirt and my walking urban boots to work today!


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