Running with 16,000 People over Bridges and Rivers

At the Pittsburgh Marathon!    

My family went up the night before to carbo-load with my brother at Bravo’s.    


 It is his first Half Marathon and he has been training to run this for about three months, so we had to be there. Round two of two glasses of water later, he was ready for a coffee break then  bed!    


We began the morning before six, waking up with a downtown-hotel-full of runners. There were so many people, we waded through the crowds before finding my brother.  He did some chatting, then we all watched on and took pictures by standing on the railings to get the full effect idea of what its like to run beside so many people! (click this photo to see it better!)  

The count down began, and they were off… 10 minutes later my brother started across the start line!   


We couldn’t tell where he was at all, so my sister and I ran to the 16th street bridge and grabbed a rail to sit on and wait for him to go by at the 3-4 mile mark. We waited about half of an hour and spotted him.   


By this time everyone was drenched, us included. He looked great, barely winded at all! We ran with him for a few seconds to grab a shot and then ran on to cut him off at the 7 mile mark, (He ran about a 10 minute mile pace for the duration of the race!)    

and… we got there just in time!  He spotted us first, and by this time our parents were long gone. We figured we’d all have the same goal of finding my brother at the finish line so we weren’t too worried!     



From that point my sister and I dashed to the finish line and waited under the water-fall-off-of the dry people’s umbrellas to see if we could spot him.  We were freezing by this point but were glad to have at least run 1-2 miles through out the day while trying to see him at different points.     

Then, just after the first Marathon runners came in, he was there!  Red in the face, but by the time we caught him under the Convention Center he was completely recovered and so happy.  Everyone that ran the race received a medal!    



Chip Time : 2:12:05     

Clock Time: 2:22:12  (Meaning a full 10 minutes to cross the starting point!)

Placed 185th in his Division, he’s a 20- 24 year old Male!     

Placed 1,733 for Men     

Placed 3,334 overall!            That’s the top quarter!

  Brother   Pittsburgh PA USA Men 20-24     2:12:05 2:22:12 3334 1733 185


Of course then, we all went out to The Library and he celebrated with the darkest beer on the menu!   

Go Brother!!!

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