Community Food & Exercise

The Wheeling Ogden

34th Annual Ogden Newspapers 20K Classic

Race this morning!

I will be going head to head with and against my brother! I thought it was a friendly race until the other week when he emailed me to say that he’d stay with me for the first four miles before kicking it in!  While he did just complete the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, I have at least run this HUGE Hill called 29th Street Hill. I mapped it out for him below so he could know what he was up against.

Two years ago the Ogden Relay Race was introduced. Instead of training for the full 20K, two people could run the race, and swap a baton in the middle.

My brother will be running the relay race with my friend against my fiance and I, who will be running the relay as well.

The race transforms Wheeling’s quiet river city into a huge race weekend. There are so many healthy happy people hanging out, talking and stretching where I typically take lunch on a quiet lawn.

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