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La La Land


I am floating on air, remembering the moments, on cloud nine.

Or, perhaps I am lost in a field with my husband.

We were married the second weekend of June.


Joe Krehlik with   Forever A Masterpiece in St. Clairsville captured the day, the seconds, the big laughs and happy tears. He and his wife took my husband and I around The Farm, the reception spot, at dusk to capture these pastoral views.  If you want to view them all on his website let me know.

Our friends took pictures too.  My great friend and college roommate took these. Julie Doerr took one of my favorites of my little cousin and I.

Beginning the week prior, our friends threw us a deck party with wedding bells and all. Our very talented friends put together a newly wed game, etched wine glasses with our initials, made a three-tier checkerboard cake, and entertained a comfortable setting around a fire pit for drinks and conversation.



We even had our own party mascot.

The weekend before our wedding we hosted our friends who drove from Louisiana, fit everything they owned, including their Kerbey, into a Prius and moved to Erie Pa for work and proximity to us!


We began to receive gifts from friends around town, we found a large composter on our porch that must have been dropped off in the middle of the night, artists painted plates depicting our home, letters and cards came by mail, and we began to be overwhelmed in the best way as friends and family shared in their excitement over the celebration we were about to engage in.

A color palette and a girlfriend book were opened from a friend who could not make it for the weekend, due to the fact that she had a little baby girl the Thursday before!  The orange bound book is a timeline of my friends, beginning with my mother, growing up in Louisiana, moving to Pittsburgh, spending time with my roommates at Virginia Tech, moving to Houston and ending with my favorite picture of engagement atop of Mt. Saint Helens last June.

We had a lovely time the week after too, sitting on our front porch writing about the past weekend, still being surprised by boxes in the mail,  opening everything in our living room~



But nothing compares to the days surrounding our weekend wedding. So, here we go!

The girls, meaning my sister, mom and mother in law to be, went to get our nails done Friday morning.  Here is my sister, Starbucks in hand as usual, in the pedicure chair.  We had lunch at Panera, and I must have been more nervous that morning; my usual hungry every-three-hours self had gone away, but was back by Saturday morning!  Friends from out of town came by our house all day Friday, visiting from Raleigh, DC, Chicago and Chile!

That evening at St. Mary’s Church we had rehearsal with our priest.  This was the first wedding he would be presiding over, everything seemed calm and easy.

We had dinner at the patio of Later Alligator in Wheeling WV.  This dinner spot specializes in crepes but served us fresh fish and potatoes for our special social event.  We sat beneath the red umbrellas, introduced guests, had homemade soaps with Bride & Groom sitting at our place setting, ate salads, croissants, and nutella deserts, mingled as the sun set and the patio candles lit our merriment.  We had an idyllic evening before my fiance and I had to say goodnight.  I went home with my family, enjoying the company of my God parents, grandma, brother sister and parents before I went to sleep.

Thunderstorms were predicted, the skies poured before we said our vows at St. Mary’s Church and the clouds opened up just as we stepped into the 1916 Cole car to arrive at The Farm.





There are so many things to remember. Some of my favorite stories are the ones I am hearing from friends and family.  Everyday there is a new story. What other day in your life have 150 of your closest friends and family helped to notice every second of your happiness?




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