What do you Keep on Top of your Microwave?

Lately, a bell jar, a turquoise blueberry basket and my coffee pot.

Is it the thought of coffee, or the color of turquoise that makes me happy? I like clear glass dishes too. Just thought I’d share.

Today is Farmers Market day at the St. Clairsville Mall. I’ll be there with my husband and two friends before we take off on a bike ride. My friend and I training for the Sprint Splash ‘N Spin in Morgantown at the end of August and have one month to go. We ran 36 minutes last night, finishing up the run with a sprint competition. We seem to be at the same fast pace, and my legs feel it. Today, a bike ride will keep us on track.

A shot of our potato garden, and a quick rinse in the sink.

We recently purchased this faucet attachment by PUR. It gives us 3-stage cleaning power before we use the water to drink or cook. It has been much nicer than having to remember to purchase two gallons of water a week from the grocery.

And what has Smudge been up to while we’ve been running and growing a garden?

Not much.

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