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Garden Support

I support my beginner vegetable gardening abilities with supplements from my local farmers market.

This is how I began my back yard garden in the spring. Plots in my front bedroom window capture the afternoon sun, and then I bring them outside to get them acclimated to the outdoor weather a week or so before I plant.  I began beans indoors this year and it didn’t work out so well. The best beans were harvested from the seeds planted directly into the ground. A neighbor begins beans and peas in May, and then in August does a second round of bean planting. I may do that before taking off for my honeymoon and come back to produce!

This week we got Julia tomatoes and sorrel from Herbold Farm, a third variety of plums to try from Bob Gillespie as well as another jar of local honey, lettuce and okra from Susan West, and blueberries that I will try hard not to drop on the floor.

I found an article online by Emily Dominici –Taste Buds: Ohio Valley Farmers Market who categorized the vendors noted below:

Eric Rubel of Crossroads Farm, Belmont – meat and eggs

Connie Morris – cheeses and eggs, produce, baked goods, confections

Ken Swisher of Mr. Greenjeans, St. Clairsville – produce, herbs

Bob Gillespie, Belmont – fruits and honey

Susan West of Lone Oak Farms, Bellaire – organic produce, herbs

Holly Herbold of Herbold Farms, Cadiz – produce

Rebecca Weiss of Sparta Farm, Hopedale – produce, maple syrup

Bill Bertram of Bertram Farm, Piedmont – produce

Cindy Rodak of Blue Ridge Farm, Dillonsvale – shitake mushrooms

Vicki McCoy, Glen Easton – produce, breads

Matt Stosoinsky – produce

Myra and Tom Thorton of Thorton Enterprises, Jacobsburg – produce

Pam Dunn of Fine as Frog’s Hair, Bridgeport – fresh cut flowers, handmade soaps

Holly Dunn and Todd Hughes of Basic Kneads, Bridgeport – artisan breads

Bruce, Ginger and Sally Kinsel of Smithkins, Bridgeport – dog biscuits

Diane Conroy of The Cookie Jar, Jacobsburg – cupcakes, baked goods

Crafters include:

Bev Beatty of Free Flow Artworks, West Liberty

Lauren Norton of Happy Threads

Kim King of Pine Valley Crafts

Christa Devine of Devine Jewelry, Barnesville

Nicholas Bogosian – Bluegrass music

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