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The Ultimate Alpine & Tuscan Adventure

Where we will be via Google Maps.   Thanks to my girlfriend for plugging all of this information in! I can’t believe it, we leave in the morning!

I found these great blogs and architecture sites while searching for places to travel in Italy.

One of my favorite blogs to reference is Italy beyond the Obvious. What do you know? The post I read today is about biking in Italy. Tempismo Perfetto! A past post I’ve enjoyed talks about hot spots in Milano.  

To make sure I visit Aldo Rossi Architecture the online architecture guide, MiMoa, has been wonderful. 
This couple has been kissing around Ubria.
Here is a list of more hot Italian blogs I’ve been wandering through.
Ah, and if we need a night in to watch Architecture lying somewhere here is the Sam Mockbee Film online!
A closer view.

One reply on “The Ultimate Alpine & Tuscan Adventure”

Kellie and Phil- Miss you guys already! Hope you are having a great adventure….even though you’re living out of backpacks!!!

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