Tsy Architekts en Die Alpen

Two Architects in the Alpen.

To the Alpen

Flying kisses over a black sea

the german children wake up to

church bells tolling for the long hour between

orchestras rehearsing in the tall stone walls

built up into the Zurich sky.


The Aplen opens form the clearing clouds

we climb steps to sit with the Suisse and clap

for the school bands play in the streets their long triumphs


Rounded the earth and met the sun

 a new moon in the vertical spruce forest

slippery roots and large slugs

soapstone roads up to the saddle.

Perineal waterfalls after the heavy rains

cascade into the gorge from 1000 meters.

The river becomes a lake trapped by rock

a mirror to the snow-capped secrets that hide the stars.


Wind carved rock, creamy white rivers

waterfalls deep in the bellows of a mountain

climb like ants carrying their weight

on the shoulder of the ridge, towns are built

with views into the face of an onlooker.


Well marked paths from Griesalp, Steinberg, Murren

to Gimmewald cross barn porches, beneath low slung roofs

chalet with rounded stacked wood

 four-year old blonde children gathering pine dust,

flat sump hills in the background.


Cow bells like plunking stones in a shallow river

hollow hills with windy skies

pine cones playing harmonic tunes thumping hollow ground

wind chimes swirling light melodies

soft sounds of the hills.


The direct triangular orders of The Alpen turn with each hour

a shallow spine falls 1000 ft or more on it’s underbelly.

Round the mountain curve, sunken forest paths

grass planes with small rock gravel collected by many hikers into man-made streams of way finding.

A floral ski town quiet in the September rain.


Spoon and bowl cupped in the mountain crown

the slanted stance of spruce held in the upraised heavens of granite rock.

Slowly stopped water dripping into rock holes

easy to live between, easy to be disoriented.

Holland hands grasp circles and surround the base of Mt. Eiger

from Griendelwald are the plains that slowly rise

to make mountains where lesser known glaciers

have come before the gorge formed

a slowly paused ocean.

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