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In Italia Now

Its good to be mixed in with other cultures

elbow rubbing with people who believe in siesta

and a different pace of life.

Society has a way of engulfing the nature of my actions.

I find myself enveloped in walking without a purpose in Italy

but remember finding it difficult to sleep in, in Ohio.

There are saturated people and buildings today in Como,

our first day in Italy. Streets are flooding near lake Como.

My husband and I are confined together under an umbrella we bought.

Only when we sit for paninis at a cafe or walk into the Duomo are we apart.

We are spending our time in the new places being aware and loving one another.

Walking, seeking, questioning, writing and acknowledging what we see and each other.

Being creative by drawing, filming and photography. Some days we physically challenge ourselves to cross mountain saddles, hike long distances and earn the views to which we rest at with great leisure, because of the endurance.

We address time with no concern but for curiosity and compare what it means to the people and places we visit.

I feel at home and at rest in Italy. I have the Adriatic Sea in my blood and it is here that I feel right and confident, relaxed and in love.

My husband appreciates this.

Even though a barrier of language exists the puzzle is a wonderous maze that seems childlike and fun with its mystery.

Even stepping from Switzerland to Italy was unannounced and seemed to pass too easily for the two of us. No one asked who we were, just directed us with sign language to follow the chained walk way, past border control offices that sat vacant.

It is a rebirth, but if only in spirit, to be here.

One reply on “In Italia Now”

Kellie- Your writing is beautiful and language use perfect! I don’t feel you trudging through forests as I had anticipated…as I sit in St. C. looking out upon the billboard of Smartlipo from my desk by the water cooler, I am enthralled by your description of Italian life….keep the posts coming- I’m living vicariously!

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