Meeting New

Meeting New

It was a beautiful night

When five friends met for the first time together

Under a sky setting from red to purple

On top of a second story balcony at the foot of a city


Judged by appropriate conversations aloud

They told of the history in hopes,

The determination in dreams,

The lost parts of things forgotten

The riots, the taboo, the marches.

And then today

The streets with new fountains,

The stores, the shops and people moving in

The competition, the thoughts, the argument,

Compromises and inspiration

The stories told were reflected on their faces.


Words were in the possession of great meanings

Night toasted what was left in silence

The old friends now laughed and let their eyes hang lazily around them

The cradles of sleep began holding their memories

Sincerity had formed in the hearts hopeful that

Anything kept, hidden, or missed was not lost

When they left

Somewhere in the darkness of a half-shy moon.

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