What Good Friends come With

What Good Friends come With

fresh breath from the winds of winter

the first frost finds a hot coffee among it

a quaint little school where we sent our children off to learn

to meet other children

set among hills in Virginia


one day of my childhood

where I remembered boredom as a great thing

breakfast on my grandmothers porch where my sister and I built puzzles

or looking up at a magnificent blue sky

from within the shade of Louisiana


the first time I saw an Italian villa within the grove

the gardens of England

or saw my best friend get married


the small castle town in France

where a woman fell in love

an age when I could explain what friends meant

who they were

where they would belong

experiences that passed through

when I moved and found the first person to belong to


when I learned to dance and was asked

for the first time

it was learning him

everything I’d forgotten

seeing the sun rise up


early in Como

my sister and I woke up

to breathe the air and walk


it was buying gifts

in Switzerland shops

for my loved ones

when I realized more than anything

in the world

I enjoyed thinking of them.

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