Architecture Inspiration

I want to design beautiful things! Who doesn’t want to live around them?

I always enjoy spending time talking about architecture with people who aren’t architects. Spending time lately with my new nephew, my brother-in-law and I were talking and he expressed ‘You know, your work is really about combining art with real construction details.’ I like that architecture is becoming more apparent in the world to those around me!

Look at the detailing of Carolyn Espley’s seat cushion used in this home. Appreciate the simple tayloring that required designers to tackle projects at the most minute of details. Blogs about her, and her own blog Slim Paley.

I loved this image as soon as I saw it in 2009, and still have thoughts about it. Architect, M.Rodziner ‘s walnut ceilings in the Vienna Way residence.


N house by Naomi Pollock Architect Fujimoto

Architecture Record describes it as three nesting boxes. I tend to be intrigued by mazes, like the thought of designing a house without doorways, and stepped one foot into the door of my own design at my parents house, when I began breaking rooms apart with planar walls, instead of cutting holes into them and using bulkheads to define a room.

Parents House ~ Belmont Ohio

A flair of Mardi Gras still lives in the dining room to remind my family of our festive Louisiana days.


Redecorated towers, the Alpha Tomamu Towers in Hokkaido Japan by architect Klein Dytham Architecture.



The college of architecture and planning at the University of Colorado is working on The Urban Hens project    Flat-pack coops sold at farmers markets! I read about it in Architecture Record.


Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitetos      The Grid House, suspended above ground with maze like roof top garden. I read about it on ArchDaily and can’t get enough of these elevated gardens, so magical, forest-like, and necessary.

Above and Below photos are by Ale Shneider.


~ Two more ~

 Four Poster Bed

Furniture designs by  David Trubridge


Barry Dixon

Through Traditional Home I found Barry Dixon, who I found has a book for sale.

Enough for today?

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