Day 9, The Rainy Barter

Waking up in Como Italy

Day 9

Falling through the cracks

memories around blind corners

skipped pages in a book

a day that is not a holiday marker

any other time of the year

not Valentines ,  St. Patrick’s’ Day

Mardi Gras, Easter, Memorial Day, the 4th

Labor day, Halloween, Thanksgiving

or Christmas

was like the day we entered Italy.


As a married couple

needing nothing else

but the rain, each other,dinner

and a place to sleep.


The next morning, day nine

wet drenched Como

thunderstorms circle the Duomo ceiling

stories and stories above us

galoshes and children covered in plastic clothes

Phil barters for an umbrella

wanting just to buy one

but caught between a language and a price

he can’t understand.

The man who served us coffee calls out

from a horizontal window in the rain

to the vendor Phil is trying to purchase an umbrella from.

We win somewhere closer to the barrista’s price

the two of us go on, huddling in the rain.


We collect language along with appetizers

from place to place, five spots for dinner

just to talk to the people of Como more.


I can speak Italian if Phil can listen

and together we can have what we want.


I wrote a year ago:

The saturated color of buildings and the wet bottoms of pant legs climb up to my heightened sense of curiosity. How do I spend time wandering? I have to have a certain amount of time secured if I am to really let go and enjoy doing nothing. Sensing my whereabouts and wandering from pannini eating to puddle dodging. When the rain comes, the world is smaller, and less likely to be waiting on you outside.

We stayed at In Riva Al Lago. People in the Duomo searching for their faith or something better to do. All anyone wants is for it to be done yet the focus is lost on what you are doing. I question, How do I like to spend my time and how should I spend it when I’ve employed myself with a job to do? With no worries there is always a way.

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